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"A grand book idea! Regardless of why you watch baseball, be it Little League or Major League, in person or on TV, the game is more entertaining if you understand the action on the field. Bohnert makes the game simple and understandable by taking out the mystery and leveling the playing field." --Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers' Favorite

"Before you go nuts trying to learn the language of basketball on your own, read the Game-Day Goddess three-book series by Suzy Beamer Bohnert to understand the game. Let these books familiarize you with the expressions the broadcasters use on TV and radio." --Athletics Administration magazine

"If you're going to a college that can't get enough of its sports teams, the Game-Day Goddess Sports Series is a must have. Find out why your classmates are cheering with Suzy Beamer Bohnert's handy, innovative guides." --Named Best Books for College Students by Student, a Washington Post Co.

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